General rules

For the offers and services, which are provided by the Filosana GmbH, the following general terms and conditions (short: Terms) are valid.

All other deviating rules apply only if they have been contractually agreed between the Filosana GmbH (short: Filosana) and the individual client.

The terms and conditions applyat the latest, if between the Filosana and the customer the contractually agreed achievement is provided. Further claims of the customer are hereby expressly contradicted, as long as it is not agreed in writing by both parties in the specific business relationship.

The terms and conditions apply between the customer and the Filosana even if they are not mentioned in the contract.

For agreements that deviate from the normal range of services, the terms and conditions apply only if they are in the contract and have been integrated as a component.


The customer is responsible for storing your personal information on an internal server for the purpose of the business relationship. As insurance brokers, we collect personal information about our company interested parties to make you the best possible offer.

Accordingly, the consent also includes our right to submit data to potential insurance companies.

Applicable law

If circumstances occur , which are not agreed in the terms or the specific business relationship, the rules of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR) and the Federal Law on Data Protection (DSG for short) are applicable subsidiary.

Rights and claims of the customer

Every customer is entitled to protection of their privacy and protection against misuse of theirpersonal data. The Filosana adheres strictly to the legal regulations. Personal data is treated confidentially, used only for own company purposes and will not be sold to third persons or otherwise made available. The Filosana strives to be fair will take precautionary measures to make the personal data stored as good as possible to protect it from foreign access.

Data use

Filosana uses confidential data for the following purposes:


Filosana assumes no liability for direct and/or indirect damage to the customer, which were known or/and causally caused by unauthorized use. Filosana GmbH is liableĀ only in case of intent or gross negligence for acts that can be attributed to it.

End of the contract period

Upon conclusion of an insurance contract or receipt of a confirmation (policy, declaration of acceptance) the broker mandate ends between Filosana and the customer in full, if no further authorization or legal relationship is agreed by contract.

Severability clause

If, at a later date, parts of the GTC become invalid, the other conditions wil not be affected and will continue to exist for all business relationships.Should individual components of these conditions be wholly or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining part will not be affected.


The court at the seat of Filosana is responsible for offenses, disputes or assertion of claims between the client and Filosana.

Reservation for changes

Filosana is constantly expanding its range of services, which is why the rules of the GTC, if necessary, are beeing adapted accordingly. In permanent legal relationships the current regulations always apply in each case , which can be called up on